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My passion and skills are learning and development, enablement, and design. I love to create concise, learner-focused, accessible training and eLearning infused with personality and maybe a few puns. I strive to create engaging learning experiences that make sense, increase employee impact, get a chuckle, and look darn good in the process. Not those courses that folks just pretend to read to check off a box (you know the ones!). 

I love solving problems, even the big ones that no one wants to jump into. I'm always looking for ways to improve processes and smash the status quo. I'm highly organized and quick to jump in to help my team where I can. If there's a way to make things easier and scalable, I want to find it and do it yesterday. I also love (LOVE) making templates and making things pretty. I'm a creative and a maker who takes charge and gets it done.

So that's the TL;DR about me. Take a peek at my resume (linked below) to see what else I've been up to in my career so far. I'm looking forward to my next adventure!

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